High Load Systems

Our solutions are the foundation for industry-specific high-load systems for fintech, telecom, biotech and other companies to run fault-tolerant applications handling maximum number of connections with a short response time.

We develop robust algorithms and architectures coping with high load. Performance, efficiency, scalability and reliability are the first features to take into account combining with our expertise in big data processing, cloud computing, database administration and DevOps.


We perform in following areas:

  • 01Architecture design of multicomputer and multiprocessor systems;
  • 02Numerical methods and high-performance computing algorithms;
  • 03Mathematical modeling using multiprocessor computer systems;
  • 04Software development and adaptation for multiprocessor systems: exploring the possibility of parallelizing the algorithms to an arbitrary number of computational processors up to optimization of customer's software;
  • 05Distributed (GRID) and cloud (Cloud) computing systems design and development for corporate use;
  • 06Customer project review;
  • 07High-performance computing consulting.


Application fields:

AstroSoft high-performance computing solutions are applicable for scientific researches, industrial use, fintech, telecom, biotech and even entertainment industry. Multiprocessor cluster computing systems are commonly used for data processing and analysis problems solving in the following areas:

  • Aviation and space;
  • Oil and gas industry;
  • Meteorology and Climatology;
  • Power engineering;
  • Machine building;
  • Biochemistry and pharmaceutics;
  • Building and construction;
  • Shipbuilding;
  • Turbomachinery;
  • Materials Science;
  • Physics;
  • Astronomy.

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