Deep Learning

Our solutions based on Neural Networks are used to solve a wide variety of tasks that are hard to solve using ordinary rule-based programming, such as speech recognition, image compression, stock market prediction, noise reduction and loan decisions.


We propose services for development:

  • 01Optimization
    We find optimal values weights of neural network to minimize the objective function. The objective function is mean square error function (loss/cost function).
  • 02Preprocessing
    We develop data clusterization solutions, because NN often behave poorly when the feature values are much larger than parameter values. Furthermore, since an observation’s feature values are combined as they pass through individual units, it is important that all features have the same scale.
  • 03Recognition
    We develop classification algorithms to recognize patterns with high accuracy even when they are partly hidden. That also includes interpolation of missing data.
  • 04Prediction
    We create numerical algorithms and models to predict future system behavior based on time series. Our solutions use fusion of multiple miscellaneous indexes to see big picture.
  • 05Frameworks
    We customize existing infrastructures for applications development and testing to meet customers needs and reach best possible results on specific data sets.

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