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The ceremony took place at Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF 2018) in Russia.

Russia, May 28, 2018 – French IT company in open source LINAGORA and Russian developer and provider of innovative IT solutions AstroSoft have signed a memorandum on a strategic partnership in the presence of the Secretary of State at the Minister of Economy and Finance of France Delphine Gény-Stephann within SPIEF 2018.

The aim of the cooperation is to develop an open source collaborative platform which will become alternative one to existing proprietary solutions of leading foreign vendors.

The signing was attended by:

Delphine Gény-Stephann, the Secretary of State to the Minister of the Economy and Finance.

Alexandre Zapolsky, the Founder and Chief executive officer of LINAGORA,

Pavel Vasiliev, the Director General of AstroSoft.

LINAGORA and AstroSoft
(Alexandre Zapolsky, Delphine Gény-Stephann, Pavel Vasiliev)

 “The signing of a memorandum on strategic partnership between the St Petersburg company and the French company, especially on the topic that claims to make an alliance with the ambitions of global competition, means a new level of collaboration with Russia in the field of high technologies”, commented Valentin Makarov, the president of RUSSOFT. 

“The only way to achieve the digital independence is to work in collaboration where everyone brings strongest competencies and makes synergy works. The strength of AstroSoft is, above all, mathematics as the basis for a deep understanding of programming processes. Today, professionals that can find solutions for the tasks with a high level of uncertainty of incoming parameters and manage multi-agent environments ( =IoT), have much more value for the business. That is why Russian mathematicians are more competitive and in high-demand than ever, and mathematics is a new global trend”, commented Pavel Vasiliev, the Founder and CEO of AstroSoft.

“Nowadays one of the key technological trends is the use of open source software, which has a number of significant advantages over the classic distribution models. It allows using open source in the web development of the latest technologies for both private companies of any size, and for various kinds of government structures. Finally, today open source is a driver of innovation in IT, and in LINAGORA we are convinced that our cooperation with AstroSoft will bring these technologies to a new level. Furthermore, we believe in our vision of a third digital way which is between the American and Chinese software. So far, we are able to see that France and Russia have the same vision for an ethical, independent and sovereign digital and it motivates us even more to develop our cooperation with AstroSoft”, shared the opinion Alexandre Zapolsky, the Founder and CEO of LINAGORA.

AstroSoft is a developer and supplier of innovative IT solutions. Key competencies: mathematical algorithms, development of proprietary solutions (software for organizing mesh networks, software for civil radars, real-time operating systems, C/C++ compilers, software development toolchains); software development tools; development of business applications on Microsoft and 1C platforms; automation of business processes. AstroSoft is an industry leader: Microsoft Gold Partner, certified by ISO 9001-2008 standard, 1C Partner, Microsoft Communications Award winner, winner of the "Best Innovative Product 2017", "Project of the Year" 2017 (nomination "The best domestic development"). AstroSoft has large portfolio of clients from government institutions to private business of all sizes. The main industries of its solutions implementation are Energy Sector, Banking, Wealth Management, Financing, Machinery and Automation.

LINAGORA is a French leading IT company that develops software based on open source. Among the software products: open source collaborative platform for business communication OpenPaaS, service for secure storage and file sharing LinShare, the smart business assistant with voice recognition LinTO.

Among the clients of the company are the Ministry of Economy and Finance of France, the Ministry of the Interior of France, the Ministry of Culture of France, the largest transport company of France SNCF, the banks Société Générale and La Banque Postale, the Government of Montreal (Canada), the state institutions of Vietnam, etc.


Julia Boteva Daria Sankova
The Head of Advertising and PR Department of AstroSoft
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International Marketing and Partnership Manager of LINAGORA
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