Safe City

System usage overview:

  • Efficiency improvement of response to eliminating crisis situations and incidents;
  • Timing improvement of operational cooperation between all duty and traffic control services through integration of video surveillance systems into a single informational space;
  • Effective acquisition of evidence during an investigation of accidents and offences;


Safe City



  • Sources of video and audio information;
  • Video, audio and auxiliary information storage devices;
  • Processing and data transfer devices (analytics, transcoding, etc.);
  • Client systems of displaying, communication and control of media sources.



Our solution - server software package to provide:

  • Receiving video streams from specified sources (cameras, recorders);
  • Reformatting, routing, multiplexing and transmission of video streams to specific users with specified quality settings;
  • Requests processing parallelization on different servers;
  • Integration with storage systems for incident-related materials, client systems.

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