Video codecs (x86)

Our solution for video surveillance system provides the support of high quality of compressed images.

A special set of codecs, with some roots in JPEG, APT and Huffy had been implemented to efficiently process YUV422 data, typically processing all 4 color channels in parallel. Lossless-ness and quality-optimization had been the focus area with high compression speed and ratio.

Conformance with 3rd party tools was not important, so we exploited hardware specifics in conjunction with RAW data specifics. Moreover, this had been done without direct usage of assembly language, so that compiler had a chance to show its strong points in instruction scheduling.


CDMA codecs (ARM)

Three codecs from CDMA family (EVRC, QCELP8 & QCELP13) were efficiently implemented for ARM926EJ-S processor. Both CPU and memory footprint limitations were important and hence minimized. Depending on codec type, different implementation approaches were used:

  • fast fixed-point arithmetic (all),
  • conventional algorithm optimizations (all),
  • implementation of bottlenecks with assembler (QCELP),
  • light coding idioms for target compiler (EVRC),
  • hardware acceleration (usage of DSP instructions from C or assembler).

Each codec fits into 55MCPS CPU limit and 32K memory limit.

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