Our MACS RTOS (MultiAgent Coherent Systems Real Time Operating System) for embedded systems is focused on the development of Internet of Things devices and gateways. MACS RTOS – 100% homemade without using any third-party code or module.



Our key feature is distributed shared memory support at the device level. Thus, the distributed system can implement brand new methods to perform tasks, which provides:

  • 01Improved Synchronization
    • of task context among devices performing the task. The distributed group of devices shows highly efficient approach to collaborative interaction.

      MACS RTOS access control

  • 02High Performance
    • Each device performs its part of the work simultaneously with others. Task distribution between devices is carried out through the shared context.
  • 03Reliability
    • Distributed Data Backup.
    • Hot Swapping of Equipment.
    • Resistance to failure. The synchronized task context is available to all devices; the backup device continues the task at the stage when the faulty device stopped working.

      MACS RTOS architecture
  • 04Scalability
    • Mesh networking
    • The set of devices is automatically reconfigured depending on task requirements.
  • 05Other features:
    • Simple object-oriented API (C++)
    • Microkernel
    • Performance is comparable to market leaders
    • Compatible with popular development toolchains
    • Detailed documentation
    • Quick start: demo applications and pre-configured IDE-project templates
    • No restrictions on quantity of processed tasks and synchronization objects.


Supported CPU:
ARM Cortex MO, M3 / M4 (+ FPU), ARM Cortex MO + / M1, Analog Devices TigerSHARC, Xilinx MicroBlaze (in backlog).

Supported Development Tools:
Keil MDK-ARM (μVision), IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, Analog Devices VisualDSP++, Eclipse + GCC (in backlog).

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