Serial RapidIO Tool

Drivers and tools provided by Serial RapidIO devices manufacturers often lack the instruments for fast and and efficient going into operation, and developing diagnostic and configuration applications.

Professional development tools have a high cost and bloated functionality. Our solution solves that problems providing drivers and most useful tools only.

Serial RapidIO Tool combines reasonable price with features you really need:

  • Switch ports initialization (with the preset parameters)
  • Static routing tables, including multistage ones with changing basic identifiers of devices
  • Applications access to the RapidIO network functionality through access to the virtual file system (devfs)
  • Unknown devices identifying
  • Port status real-time monitoring
  • Physical layer and logical errors via port links
  • Ports input/output statistics accumulation (including errors)

Serial RapidIO Tool has a TCP-daemon mode. This allows applications to perform all the main input/output functions on the external platform of any hardware or software type. In case of using Windows PC, this significantly reduce the cost of application software development.


  • Network driver with port initialization and route plotting
  • Monitoring, diagnostics and statistics gathering tools
  • API library for using RapidIO on the QNX platform
  • API library for using RapidIO on remote systems (available separately for each target platform)

The solution is developed for IDT products based on PowerPC platform for Freescale P4080 +QNX Neutrino 6.5.

Serial RapidIO Tool is highly adaptable to any other platforms.

Serial RapidIO Tool

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