FPGA IP-cores

We develop IP-cores for semiconductors. Whatever your needs are in the areas of Software defined radio, communications or DSP our IP cores are usually the smallest, fastest, and lowest-cost choices on the market.

  • I/Q input data corrector.
    Recovery of I/Q constant component.
  • Signal detection and amplitude self-tuning block.
    Determines input signal occurrence by overcoming specified power limit, automatically causes the amplitude to coincide with specified value.
  • Band pass filter.
    Selects bandwidth according to received signal.
  • Frequency demodulator.
    Converts modulated FSK to bitstream.
  • Phase demodulator.
    Converts modulated PSK, QPSK to bitstream.
  • Character synchronization block.
    Dates capture of bit value, forms character symbols array.
  • Frequency modulator.
    Modulates FSK signal.
  • Phase modulator.
    Modulates PSK, QPSK signal.
  • Raised-cosine filter for PSK, QPSK transceiver.
    Narrows spectrum of Frequency modulated signal.
  • Gaussian filter for FSK transceiver.
    Narrows spectrum of Frequency modulated signal.
  • Fourier transformation.
    Air analysis, determining jamming and unjammed channels.
  • Interface blocks
    UART, SPI, I2C
  • System-On-Chip
    Manages transceiver and can take additional functions (if required).
    Based on ARM processors (hardware or FPGA-simulated).
  • Frequency translation block.
    Translates signal frequency to higher or lower interval.

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